ADVERTISEMENT Broadcast Engineering Conference Proceedings 2013

Created in 2012, NAB Labs is an initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) to foster innovation and continue to propel broadcast television and radio into the future.

NAB Labs provides a platform for innovation, a venue for forging partnerships and testing new technology, and educational events to create awareness about over-the-air radio and television technology initiatives.

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All-digital AM Radio Testing
NAB Labs is developing a test record on the all-digital AM IBOC system developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation. This all-digital digital radio technology may offer AM broadcasters an attractive option for modernizing their signal and competing with other audio delivery systems in the future.
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FM Radio in Smartphones
Nearly 242 million Americans rely on free, local radio each week for news, emergency information, music, sports and talk. But only a small percentage of phones on the market in the U.S. today offer free, local radio as a feature.
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NAB Labs Summary of Best Practices on CALM Act Compliance
Best Practices for Registering With TV White Space Device Administrator
FASTROAD Technology Advocacy Program (2007-2012)